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Some things have happened in the last week or ten days which are homogenising new possibilities.

I think I am aproaching a crossroads in my life, I can feel a change comming on, a significant one. Certainly significant for the current time, if its not a milestone in my life.

The chances of meeting someone from a time long gone haphazardly, is rare, however it happened. A man walked into my store, and I knew him, from another life, one I left behind a decade ago, and within that I had dispenced with that life and moved on, so the chances of meeting someone from those times, unsolicited are even more rare.
That encounter was electrifiying.

Then a few days later another man walked into my store and I instantly recognised myself in this man and saw a glimps of what I might be like as a human in twenty years from now. Whatever about electrifiying, my encounter with the second man (we shall call him D), and subsequent trip to the pub and a few telephone conversations later, quite lieterally re-plugged me into the wall socket.
It feels as though Ive been pricked with a pin and startled myself out of some kind of slumber. Something magical has happened.

I have an immigration review comming up in a few weeks, it will tell me whether or not I can stay in the US. I have been fearing and dreading this for two years. And just before it happens some amazing things are comming into alignment. Like some magnetic force is drawing my life into its path or my life is drawing collusions and vortices together is some manner I can yet not fathom.
Meeting with D, talking with him and getting his perspective (and his twenty year jump on my life in America), has been fascinating and utterly mind-blowing experience.
I will spend the day with him soon and leave the city for the first time in two years.

I feel as though I might be leaving Seattle, maybe to live in another city or maybe because I have to leave the country. I dont want to leave the country, but if it has to be then it will be, and I will move on and go somewhere else. Otherwise id like to try a bigger city.

I met a girl online accidentally actually, and she has been pervading my thoughts. I will probably never meet her, but our brief conversations are refreshing and fun. Its another facet in the forming of whatever is comming.

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