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Recently I had to jack the Ipod from the computer for one reason or another, and generally thats fine, until you get used to jacking it and eventually the jack fails and your computer says ‘…eh hey you just disconnected something and now all your files are gone…’ and you check to find that yes they are all now completely inaccessable. So thats how I lost about 75% of my mp3s recenly. I thought Id had all of my music backed up somewhere else as an archived library, but am now two months in on the other side and I just know that Ive lost a whole lot more then I originally thought…
However, like the song says “what you leave behind you dont miss anyway”, which is for the most part true. I fond myself tuning in to other sounds now. I picked up a lot of influence travelling which I got really into when travelling but now that Im residing again those musical interestes have faded and new sounds have by some kind of osmosis filtered through and take center stage. I do occasionally notice things missing and forget what it was I was looking for.
I have a subscription to eMusic and have aquired a vast amount of music from then, hundreds of albums and tracks. I am a little lazy with it however as I tend to download music that I once had on various past formats and dont have with me now, thish style of music grazing doesnt lend itself to finding new sounds.
As late teens early twenties kids we didnt have the best of dristribution in Ireland so periodical trips to London to aquire new music were needed. I would spend entire days wandering the streets of London in search for new stuff, from one shop to another discovering the best shops and underground sound holes for the most cutting edge or rare stuff I could imagine. Plus the fact that an Irish pound stretched much further then an English one so stuff appeared cheaper and gnerally it was because demand was higher.

Anyway Im listening to Jetone “Koenigsforst” I can only describe it as German Ambient Rolling Motion music with grandeur and thematic abtracts.

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