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Its back to moany. Moaning about money.
I wish those people that owe me my money would actually have the common decency to fulfil your obligations. Living on $27.32 for two weeks is no mean feat, and takes some incredable deftiness and creativity with finances. Id rather be a slob with money then a financial frontiersman right now. …and to Starbucks – it would be so nice if your very innificient accounting staff would have the state of mind to clear credit on the day of purchase rather than two weeks (16 days actually), after the initial purchase. That way, low income people like me could actually afford to have that twenty dollar amount in their accounts and not have to look over their shoulder because the bank might hit them up with three overdraft charges for the pleasure of “loaning” you the money they then penalize you for.
Its a weird economy, you pay on “debit” (which I thought meant direct transfusion from your account to theirs), if you dont have the funds then its taken anyway -a week (or in this case two weeks) afterwards when you dont actually have those funds anymore, and the bank hits you up for the pleasure…..

if there is a revolution, Ill be the first in line for my two petrol bombs (Molotov Coctails), one for Starbucks and one for the nearest bank, hopefully itll be a Washington Mutual; the bank that smiles as they take your money.

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  • dm says:

    But that’s how banks make their money. Just like some banks charge you a dollar when you go in and talk to one of their tellers instead of doing your transaction outside on the machine. Whores! I can only hope that I get mugged outside their bank while doing such transaction on their machines so I can sue their ass.

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