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After the move I should have tucked my head under my wing and taken stock for a few days, time to settle in and shrug off that whole chapter, however I didnt and for the last week I have been depressed, and feeling under the weather, which came to a head on Saturday in the form of a nasty cold. F*ck, my body feels like Ive been hit with a fifty ton truck and pulverized. Id like to say there are bruises but there arent, so youll just have to believe me. I did take one day off last week because I was just hammered from all that moving etc my body started to cave in. I should have taken my weeks vacation time back then maybe. However like I say its hitting me two fold now. Here I am in my pyjamas at lunchtime on a lovely bright Tuesday afternoon, but I wont be going anywhere with this cough.
Anyway, a couple of days from now and Ill be back on my feet, with a fresh paycheck and a list of shit I need to get and start doing to this place to turn it from a place to work and sleep to a home. I really like it here, I will post some pictures of it sometime soon.

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