ART "Directors"

Im sure its an age old wrangle, between the client, the middleman and the creator.
So I moved into a new sphere today, shooting mid grade commercial work with the influence of an art director thrown into the mix for good measure. First up, the shoot was to commence at 9.30 thismorning, after I waited an hour to hear from him as he said hes call and didnt, then when I finally got him after three calls he told me that he woudlnt be there until two pm because thats the only time he could catch a ferry (…erm dont people commute to and from their full time full day of work jobs every day, which suggests that there are ferries to-ing and fro-ing earlier in the day…). He wasnt too happy when I said I didnt have a laptop so that he could not see what I was shooting, ‘no I dont have a laptop’ -well are you confident enough to shoot perfectly? ‘yes, absolutely’…. I dont like to have my work poked at whilst Im doing it, so I dont take a laptop on the job. Regardless of whether Im shooting digitally or not, pre digital, art directors were satisfied with the quality from film and didnt have the availability of “chimping” behind the camera.

I considder myself a modern photographer with the capabilities or wifi, IR, radio remote and instant turn around, but the equipment manufacturers make these tools for situations based in a perfect world, where client, art director and photographer all sing along harmoniously, truth is they dont, all of these modern technological enhancements take away from the skill of the photographer and put it into the hands of someone who actually doesnt know what they are doing.

Time to take stock…

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506|flickr|211, originally uploaded by irq506.

After the move I should have tucked my head under my wing and taken stock for a few days, time to settle in and shrug off that whole chapter, however I didnt and for the last week I have been depressed, and feeling under the weather, which came to a head on Saturday in the form of a nasty cold. F*ck, my body feels like Ive been hit with a fifty ton truck and pulverized. Id like to say there are bruises but there arent, so youll just have to believe me. I did take one day off last week because I was just hammered from all that moving etc my body started to cave in. I should have taken my weeks vacation time back then maybe. However like I say its hitting me two fold now. Here I am in my pyjamas at lunchtime on a lovely bright Tuesday afternoon, but I wont be going anywhere with this cough.
Anyway, a couple of days from now and Ill be back on my feet, with a fresh paycheck and a list of shit I need to get and start doing to this place to turn it from a place to work and sleep to a home. I really like it here, I will post some pictures of it sometime soon.


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SatSop, originally uploaded by irq506.

I shot this late last year for a bunch of guys who have possession of it and want to do something creative with it. Its large.
Its basically a badly engineered nuclear powerplant which was killed off mid construction by the backers because of its mis-engineering. The site is called SatSop but is known to the local community as “Woops!”.

Moving is horrible and I hope I never have to do it again, but thats ridiculous, I know that I will, I just hate it.

Anyway I moved into my new place, which is a gorgeous house in a lovely neighbourhood with a very nice creative and busy lady. Im currently sorting through my stuff and putting it into places out of the way, and starting on the beginnings of what I hope will become my den.